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> CO.NECT - Blockchain Entrepreneurship Support Program
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In this program, students who aspire to start a business will participate in a four-and-a-half-month program that is held once every six months. They will freely propose and develop blockchain-related business models and sample software to realize them. They will fully demonstrate their abilities and work on creating completely new business models.

Applications for this program have closed.

> Elite minority students

The program widely recruits students who are interested in blockchain and entrepreneurship from both inside and outside the university.
However, only a select few students can participate.

> Not only business planning but also application development

In the program, you will develop not only your own original business plan but also a sample application software to realize it.

> Long duration

The program will last for a relatively long period of about four and a half months.
​To plan and implement a business, we believe
that it is not only necessary to have imagination, planning skills and to think critically, but also to keep developing applications.

> Best teachers

During the program, you will receive advice on business planning, app development and more from various partners and collaborators such as venture capitalists, tech startups, blockchain specialists and legal experts.

> Best dedicated space

You will have access to a dedicated space on the Hongo Campus. Besides spaces for group work, there are also fully private rooms where you can focus on intellectual activities.

> Reward

Participating teams will be rewarded with up to 900,000 yen during the program.

> Budget for activities

Participating teams will receive a budget of 100,000 yen for their own business planning and application development during the program.

> Past participants
> ANIFTY (Representative: Junichiro Kuriyama)
> Yutaro Sawada
> Artree (Representative: Shinsaku Ashizawa)
> Team Watanabe (Representative: Takeshi Watanabe)
> Team Fujii (Representative: Yugo Fujii)
> Shiga Team (Representative: Shoma Shiga)
> DataHouse (Representative: Hiroya Kawaguchi)

> LiNew (Representative: Ryoya Tosaka)

> Team Kanaya (Representative: Koichiro Kanaya)

> Sota Watanabe

> Murata Team (Representative: Ken Murata)

> ANIFTY (Representative: Junichiro Kuriyama)

4th term (April 2020-August 2020)

> Ryutaro Suda and Natsumi Aoyama

> Artree (Representative: Daiki Goto)

> Junki Yuasa

> ArsHub (Representative: Torahiko Shinoda)

> Hiroki Hata

> (Representative: Shoei Sugita)

3rd term (October 2019-February 2020)

> Shogo Murakami

> Masaki Minamide

> Yuki Aoki

> Tomonari Ishida, Kyoshiro Sakamoto, Yusuke Mizutani, Daigo Ichikawa

> Daiki Kunii

> Shoei Sugita

> Yusuke Kondo, Yutaro Sawada

> Shumpei Kobayashi
> Joe Nakamura

> Shizuka Eguchi

> Shumpei Kobayashi
> Sora Suegami

> Tatsuya Cho

> Hiroki Tahara

> Daiki Noji

> Syuta Sugawara

> Syuta Sugawara

> Ryo Akita

> Takumi Yamashita

> Taisuke Hoshino
> Partner company
> Cooperating organizations/companies
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